Across Borders

Across Borders

Label: Silent Shore White

Release date: 2012-10-01

Catalog number: SSW041

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Across Borders (Original Mix)
Rene Dale
Across Borders (Manuel Rocca Remix)
Manuel Rocca, Rene Dale
Across Borders (Airway 7 Vs. Alter Future Remix)
Airway 7, Alter Future, Rene Dale

Rene Dale an young Austrian artist with wild blood flowing through his veins. At least his first release with us called Across Borders confirms that. If you fancy clubby uplifting music you will surely enjoy this single.

Original Mix takes no sideways, it is one straight well one club oriented uplifting right since the first beat. Saw baseline cut is way through the build up taking you smoothly into the breakdown. Piano melody grabs your attention and when the plucky leads enter the scene you can feel the right trance energy.

Release comes with great remixes by Manuel Rocca as usual in his energetic uplifting way and progressive remix from Airway 7 Vs. Alter Future. So pick your favorite and play it out loud!