Into The Sunrise

Into The Sunrise

Label: Perceptive Recordings

Release date: 2015-03-16

Catalog number: PR078

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Into The Sunrise (Original Mix)
Into The Sunrise (ReOrder Remix)
ReOrder, Mobil
Into The Sunrise (Witness45 Remix)
Mobil, Witness45

Mobil puts a spring in our step as he takes us Into The Sunrise. His trademark elements, which see delightful melodies twinned with warm atmospheric layers are delivered right on cue making for an infectious, euphoric trancer.

We welcome 2 heavyweights to the fold, both known for their bold uplifting sounds and ability to hit the mark in their own special way.

ReOrder continues to mould his distinct chosen sound for a new era and Witness45 takes a somewhat tried and tested approach, each raising the profile of this standout original.