The Beauty & The Beast

The Beauty & The Beast

Label: Alter Ego Progressive

Release date: 2013-06-17

Catalog number: AEP092

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The Beauty & The Beast (Florin Silviu Remix)
Rene Dale, Florin Silviu
The Beauty & The Beast (Sunset Remix)
Sunset, Rene Dale
The Beauty & The Beast (Original Mix)
Rene Dale

Rene Dale supplies release ninety-two on Alter Ego Progressive with The Beauty And The Beast.

Remixes are taken care of by two very creative guys, Florin Silviu and Sunset who both turn in alternative firecrackers!

The Original mix is grooving with bold undertones, driving glitch beats, dreamy plucks and lulling piano lines in the break which soars into fiery pads and an energetic climax!

Florin Silviu smashes out a real bassline corker on this one! That coupled with fantastic synthwork and a whole lot of groove! A mix with a lot of attitude and style, boasting glittering arps, delicate pianos a riff that will ignite any set and bags of energy throughout!

Sunset’s mix is a pure hands in the air rocket fuelled take on the original, with a furious rolling bass line, dreamy but assertive plucks, solid percussion and a whole lot of drive! Don’t miss this one!